This Tattoo Lets You Unlock Your Smartphone


moto-x-tattoo-unlockSmartphones have sure changed the tech landscape over the last decade or so. Can you imagine your life without these gadgets? They are essentially super computers that sit in our pockets all serious-like. The only downside to these pocket computers? They occasionally need to be unlocked via entering a one second long password or so. You could go sans password, if you want those topless sauna pictures to end up all over the Internet(maybe that’s just me.) In any event, here is a tech forward tattoo that lets you unlock your phone without all of that digit inputting, but with some permanent markings on your skin.

Introducing VivaLnk digital tattoo, which handles the aforementioned task. The tattoo works using NFC technology. All you have to do is wave your phone across the tattoo, and suddenly it will unlock like you are standing in front of an ancient door uttering two magic words. Oh yeah. Regarding the permanent markings. These tattoos are actually temporary, each one lasting five days or so. You can buy them in packs of ten, so you’d be set for around fifty days. Hey, that’s almost two full months of seamless phone unlocking. You’ll be tweeting with the best of them.

The catch? These tech tattoos work only with Motorola phones, so if you own any of the other myriad of phones you’ll have to settle for unlocking your phone the old fashioned way. As far as pricing goes, you can pick up a pack of ten for ten bucks. According to the math I did above, that’s a dollar for five days of seamless phone unlocking! Ah, math. And they said I wouldn’t be using it after high school.