Taser Axon head-mounted video recorder makes police work a breeze


Sure, there are some intriguing camera designs out there. How many help cops chase down perps, though? The Axon, by Taser, does just that. This head-mounted video recorder is the perfect weight and functionality for heavy duty police work. As such, it has already been tested heavily by various police forces.

It is essentially your standard ear-mounted video recorder. It also comes with a playback mechanism and, because it’s 2011, all of you content will get streamed to the cloud. Videos recorded on the unit have already been up before judges in active cases, to much aplomb. One cool thing about the camera is it has a thirty second buffer, meaning once you press record it already has been recording for thirty seconds. You’ll never miss your friend doing something embarrassing again!

The entire unit costs $1,700 with unlimited cloud storage clocking in at another $1,300. Since these are already making the law enforcement rounds, we’d be remiss if we didn’t remind you not to do anything stupid. But you knew that already.