The TAO WellShell is a Fitness Training Device You Carry in Your Pocket


Fitness tracking devices are all of the rage. You can now find some of this tech in smartwatches, as it makes perfect sense to have it in something you wear on your wrist. You can also find it in armbands, smartphones and just about everything else with the word “smart” in front of it. However, as well and good as fitness tracking is, after all we need to track what we are doing before we can know what we are doing wrong, what of devices that actually help us train? Is there anything potentially wearable on the horizon that doesn’t just track, but also participates in the exercising? Don’t worry your fit little head about it, there is.

Introducing the TAO WellShell, a neat little contraption that lets you do all manner of smart exercising. At it’s heart, the WellShell is a gadget that comes equipped with pressure sensors. In other words, it knows how hard you are pressing on it and reacts accordingly. This makes it the perfect foil for all kinds of exercise routines, most of which focus on pushing on the thing with you arms or legs. Even cooler, the WellShell is very small, fitting easily in your pocket, or around your neck if you had a chain and were into that sort of thing. So, yeah, a portable exercise machine! Finally.

Finally will have to wait a little bit longer, however. The creators of the device have yet to bring it to market or even finish funding. They’ve headed up to Kickstarter to make sure that both happen post haste. You can preorder your own by kicking in $99.