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This Keychain is Actually a One-Button Smartphone Remote

Have you ever wanted to control something on your smartphone when it was just out of reach? You can't be expected to get up...

The HANSNAP Wearable Smartphone Case Makes Filming Stuff a Breeze

We’ve all been there. During a sudden, yet unremarkable, earthquake, you spy a cat doing something so cute, so outrageous that you are certain...

Exetech XS-4 is a Smartphone and Smartwatch Mega-Gadget

Sure, the differences between smartphone and smartwatch are thinning out every day. That doesn't mean, however, that there aren't differences. The two gadgets have...

The SmartWatch Vs The Smartphone

The Smartwatch is certainly an item on many peoples lists, and it seems like every day we get new information about a new smartwatch....