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Pebble Color Smartwatch is Breaking All Kickstarter Records

Pebble pretty much started this whole smartwatch game, back when their original Pebble branded watch landed on Kickstarter a few years ago. Since then,...

Now You Can Track Delivery Pizza With a Pebble Smartwatch

Since the dawn of time, man has stared toward the heavens and wondered aloud if we'd ever be able to use watches to order...

Pebble Drops $50 Off Smartwatch Prices and Intros Continuous Fitness Tracking

Remember Pebble? They were pretty much the first kid on the smartwatch block way back in those ancient, black and white days of 2012....

Pebble Update Adds Emojis and the Ability to Dismiss Notifications

Just like Google and the Glass, Pebble pretty much started an entire subsection of wearables all by their lonesome. Before the Pebble Watch took...