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These Tiny Fiber Implants Can Transform Your Brain

The human brain is a strange, yet beautiful, thing. It controls every single nanosecond of our day, from when we wake up in the...

These Vibrating Shoes Will Lead You To Your Destination

The world is a big place and getting where we want to go isn't always the easiest thing around. To that end, we've developed...

Wristify – A Thermostat for The Wrist

We're all hearing about all kinds of new wrist worn devices - things like smartwatches and fitness bands. While these things are cool, and...

The Map Making Machine That Makes Maps as You Walk

We're all getting used to using our smartphones or smartwatches for their GPS√ā¬†capabilities, and they often do a great job of guiding us to...

MIT Instructions Take a DIY Guide to Fabric Based Sensors

Clothing with tech inside of it is the essence of cool, but it can be a little bit pricey if you want to have...