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Microsoft Emma wearable aims to help with Parkinson’s

Smartwatches may no longer be the buzzword in wearables, but that doesn't mean that the form factor has been abandoned. A good example is the...

MIT & Microsoft partner on wearable tattoos.

MIT Media Lab, in partnership with Microsoft Research, has announced DuoSkin, a project that uses temporary tattoos as connected interfaces that can be used in...

Microsoft HoloLens Lets You Finally Hang Out With Hologram Tupac

Microsoft, who have been on something of a tech forward roll lately, have been strangely silent when it comes to the world of virtual...

Sources Indicate Microsoft to Launch Smartwatch Within Weeks

Every big tech company out there has either announced or formally released their own take on the humble smartwatch. One glaring omission from this...

Microsoft Confirmed to be Working on Smartwatch

There have long been rumors that Microsoft was inching ever and ever closer to formally announcing their very own competitor in the smartwatch war....

Is Microsoft Working on A Smart Watch?

Rumors are flying over the web this morning about a new mobile device that may be in development in Microsoft's labs. Several news sites...