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Intel recalls Basis watch over burn fears

Smartwatch pioneer Basis (now owned by Intel) has issued a recall for its Peak fitness watch over concerns the device may overheat and cause blisters...

The Wearable Evolution hits in 2015

Intel Corporation CEO Brian Krzanich led his company’s keynote address at CES by saying that 2015 will mark the next technology consumer wave. “We’re...

Intel and Luxottica Team Up to Make Stylish Smartglasses

It's no secret that Google Glass and other forthcoming smart eyeglasses aren't exactly the most visually appealing bunch. They make what you see visually...

Next Iteration of Google Glass to Feature Intel Processors

Google has taken so long to release the consumer model of its once idolized Glass eyewear device that the narrative has changed from "holy...

Intel Working on a Smart Shirt That Tracks Emotions and Vitals

For all of this talk of wearable technology, the 'wearable' aspect usually comes in one of a handful of varieties. There are smart watches,...

Intel’s New Chip ‘Quark’ is Designed for Wearable Tech

One of the biggest issues surrounding wearable tech is not the casing, but the power and performance of the computing parts that go into...