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Seer AR Helmet is Big, Bulky and Pretty Brilliant

After the PR failures of Google Glass, companies involved in augmented reality technologies want to steer clear of making something stick out on your...

Airbus Patents In-Flight Helmet For Tuning Out Other Passengers

Let me paint a particularly gruesome picture for you. A trans-continental flight is about to take off. You are stuffed into the middle seat,...

This Helmet Delivers True Night Vision Without the Use of Goggles

Members of the military have it pretty tough. All of that wandering around in the dark, trying to find their target as their target...

This Bike Helmet Actually Reads Your Mind

We all some snazzy sci-fi conceits, or else we probably be either writing or reading a site like this. The idea that one day...

Hovding – Fashionable Head Protection for Cyclists

If you hate wearing a helmet then Hovding may be just the thing for you. Hovding is advertised as an ‘invisible helmet’ but is...