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It Looks Like Valve is Getting Into the VR Headset Game

Valve. They were once a software company known for game-changing hits in the genre of first person shooters. Then, against all odds, they managed...

This Bluetooth Headset Records Both Sides of a Call

Have you ever tried to record one of your phone conversations? It's actually quite a bit more complicated than one would think. You can...

ANTVR VR Headset Could Spell Competition for Oculus Rift

Conventional wisdom dictates that Oculus and their stunning Rift virtual reality headset have already won the forthcoming VR war. They have the financial backing...

Sound Band Bone Conduction Headset – Keeping Your Ears Open

It's a fact - Headphones are bad for your hearing. While different headphones give different results, they're still not doing any favors for your...

4DForce – The Gaming Controller That Reads Your Mind

A number of EEG devices have been coming out in the past couple years. Some of them seem to really work, and offer a...

NASA’s AR Headset for Pilots

Smart glasses are appearing more and more in the technology world, and because of this it is no wonder that glasses for specific fields...