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AR/VR market set to double out to 2021

Worldwide spending on virtual and augmented reality is expected to double each year through 2021, according to a new report from IDC. According to the...

Seer AR Helmet is Big, Bulky and Pretty Brilliant

After the PR failures of Google Glass, companies involved in augmented reality technologies want to steer clear of making something stick out on your...

These Glasses Give Pilots Augmented Reality Vision

The wild and wacky world of air travel seems like a great candidate for wearable technology. After all, when you are cruising thousands upon...

Epson Offering $1000 For Augmented Reality Apps

With all the hype around augmented reality devices and headsets companies are looking for a competitive edge against other augmented reality companies. One such...

Epson Moverio Sponsors Developers for The Epson BT-100

We've talked in the past about the development process in the past for mobile devices, including the new push by Google to help support...

How to Get Your Hands on Some Google Glass

By now most of you know about Google Glass, but you probably do not know how to get your hands on it. After all...