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Neptune Announces Bizarre Wristworn Computer Thingamajig

It's a sign that wearable technology is becoming more mainstream that, you know, most announcements of new products are companies trying to play catch...

Arki Armband is a Fitness Tracker That Analyzes Your Walking Posture

Walking. It's something even the laziest among us do each and every day. We have to, at the very least, walk to and from...

Fitbit Unveils New Line of Activity Trackers

Fitbit were one of the first people on the whole fitness tracking scene. They have since had some of their thunder stolen by every...

This Wristband Helps Improve Your Tennis Swing

Ah, golf tennis. The game of kinds. The game that takes both a lifetime to learn and a lifetime to master. OK, maybe the...

Here is a Wearable Bitcoin Wallet That Lets You Pay Wherever

Paying for stuff can be annoying. All of that reaching in your wallet and searching for the right amount, then even more waiting as...

MYO Telekinetic Armband

Well, it might not be TELEKINETIC, but it certainly might seem like it. Thalmic Labs has announced their newest invention in gesture control, which...