T-Groove T-Qualizer Tee


T-Groove T-Qualizer Tee

T-Shirts with integrated animations are not just a fad anymore and are now available in a multitude of styles. Judging on the wide variety of designs and the constant additions, I would assume those T-shirts have their fans.T-Groove is the latest edition to those T-Qualizer tees, a funky psychedelic design that adds motion to your T-Shirt and gives dancing a new meaning.

The T-Groove has a small built-in power unit with sound sensor which is discreetly hidden in the hem at the base of the shirt.

The sound frequencies are converted into light on the EL panel, making the girl dance to the beat of the music while you move to the groove. Certainly a more animated design as the bar type T-Qualizer tee.

After a hectic night on the dance-floor, you can detach the battery pack and give the t-shirt a wash. The EL panel is durable enough to cope with a bit of gentle scrubbing.

The T-Groove is perfect for gigs, raves, parties, festivals, clubbing or just jumping about to your favorite tunes at home.

This awesome sound sensitive music T-Shirt will get your moves to the groove attention.

The T-Groove is made from 100% cotton and is available in small, large and extra large. To get the dancing girl in action you need to load the T-Groove with 4 x AAA batteries.

You can order your T-Groove T-Qualizer T-Shirt by electricplanet.co.uk for $ 39.60