SYRE watch case finally brings Bluetooth to the iPod Nano party



Let me tell you the story of a man who after repeated attempts to get fit bought an iPod Nano and an accompanying watch case. “Wearing this Nano as a watch will get me fit. It’s so convenient!” the man said. He spent his hard earned money and went out jogging, watch around arm and a gleeful feeling embracing his heart. It’s gonna stick this time, he thought. Well this man, who didn’t need any excuse to stop running and start watching Netflix in his underwear, soon found that there was no way for this Nano-watch to connect to his iPhone. That means no GPS, texts, missed calls, or wireless headphones. The lazy man soon gave up and started eating Burger King for breakfast. He’s dead now.

Sad story, right? Well it doesn’t have to have that sad ending. Not anymore. An awesome company called Lion Hound Technology has finally solved the Bluetooth/iPod Nano problem. They’ve created a Nano-based watch case that has Bluetooth built into the inside sleeve. Wireless headphones are now possible, as is a total connection to your mobile phone. Finally, running is easy and convenient again! Of course, they didn’t solve that old painful knee issue but maybe that’ll be in version 2.0.

The SYRE, as it is to be known, will cost around fifty bucks and come in a variety of colors when it launches early next year. The company set up a Kickstarter so they could tie up some financial loose ends and, of course, the goal was blown out of the water. A lot of people actually like the idea of running without cumbersome headphone wires, we guess. I know we do. Oh yeah, the funding is still going on so it’s not too late to make sure you are one of the first people on your track jogging and not eating Burger King for breakfast.