The Sync Burn Fitness Band – A Watch That Doesn’t Need To Charge (Much)


sync burn

With the recent release of the new Garmin sports watches, many people are once again looking at the sports watch market and deciding on a new sports watch. As these devices get better and better, they seem to run out of battery power a lot quicker. It seems like sports watch technology is evolving quicker than battery technology. There’s one new device that goes against that. It’s called the Sync Burn Fitness Band and it’s already on sale at Best Buy!

The Sync Burn has a number of features that are expected in a fitness monitoring band. The first of course being that it can calculate how many calories you’ve burned. Some products however are really only estimating how many calories you’ve burned, and could actually be quite a way off the mark. While the Sync Burn is still giving an estimate, that estimate is much more educated, as it’s based on the measurement of your heart rate and the intensity of you movement. Not only does it track this data 24 hours a day as long as you’re wearing the watch, but it can also accurately track your steps and your distance. You can set the display of the device to display either calories, steps, or distance, and you can set goals based on those factors.

The device can also be synced with your iPhone 4S of iPhone 5. There’s no word yet on iPhone 5S and 5C compatibility, but in all likelihood it will be able to sync with the iPhone 5S and 5C without any problems. The Sync Burn app, called MapMyFitness, is super easy to use and is done using Bluetooth. Using this app you can view your fitness data on a much more visual platform, streamline your workout routine, and better come up with realistic goals. You can also share your data and have the app analyze it.

The memory of the device is 7 days, so basically you can go 7 days without syncing your data before the memory is lost. This shouldn’t be a problem, and you should really be syncing your data daily to avoid accidental data loss.

Of course the main selling point to the device is its battery life. It lasts way longer than other fitness devices. While some devices boast a whopping 7 days of battery life, the Sync Burn boasts a year. That’s right, according to the people over at Sync, the Sync Burn can last a whole year on a single charge. When the device does eventually run out of battery, you have to replace the battery, which is done with an inexpensive CR2032.

The Sync Burn is a great fitness tracking device, and should work perfectly for the fitness junkies among us, especially those of us that aren’t fans of having to charge our devices, or often forget. The Sync Burn is available at Best Buy and can be yours for $130!