Swedish Armband Uses GPS to Protect the Wearer From Assaults


We aren’t overtly political here at Crunchwear, aside from a never-ending yearning for more government money to be given to, gulp, wearable technology. Still, it’s obvious that all over the world, America included, local law enforcement tends to overreact when faced with acts of civil disobedience. You can see this in how NYC cops handled Occupy Wall Street. You can see this on the streets of Egypt and, well, just about everywhere else. No blame is being thrown out there. Situations like that are chaotic and chaos leads to more chaos. It’s just human nature. Still, a Swedish company is developing an armband to make the chaotic a bit less, well, chaotic.

Sweden’s Civil Rights Defenders has developed an armband that harnesses the power of GPS to keep members of various groups safer. Basically, when if you are wearing one of these and you are abducted or assaulted, it’ll let anyone else in your circle know what is going on, giving them the heads up so they can get in there and help. This is ideal for acts of civil disobedience, but also would be great for families or anyone else that thinks they are in danger of being kidnapped or just beaten up. Don’t wear this in a mosh pit, however. It’ll just get confused.

The armband will also send off the same alert if it is removed from the arm of the wearer by force. There is essentially no way to trick the thing, which is great for safety but probably bad for extramarital affairs. The Swedish organization has not made these available for public consumption yet but they insist they are working on it. Check a video of it in action below.