Sweden Develops Invisible Bike Helmet(Really)


Cruising down the highway in a bike or motorbike sure can feel great. The wind in your hair, the leather on your bod, the, uh, messenger bag on your back. However, riding these two wheelers can be dangerous, especially in big cities. As we all know, if you are going to use either vehicles you should always wear a helmet. Protect ya noggin! Helmets, though, sure do look dorky. Don’t you wish that science advanced to the point in which helmets could be completely invisible so hotties on the street can see your luscious locks? Consider your wish granted.

Researchers in Sweden have developed something they are calling the Hövding helmet. This bicycle helmet just happens to be totally invisible, thus letting your wondrous hairstyle get ogled as you cruise down your local sidewalk. How in tarnations does this work? Well, it is invisible because you aren’t wearing a helmet until you are in an accident. Essentially, it’s an air bag for your head. You wear it around your neck and if you get in some trouble, whammo, it will inflate and save your brain so you can ace that GRE test you are planning to take one day. According to the creators, this helmet actually offers more safety than your average bicycle helmet. Not bad.

Another cool thing about these helmets? You can purchase one now for the low, low price of $540. Wait, that price doesn’t seem low at all. What do you want? It’s an invisible bicycle helmet for Pete’s sake.