Swany Texsys G-Cell Bluetooth Gloves


Swany G-Cell Bluetooth Ski Glove

Talk to the hand has a new meaning. The fusion of Bluetooth and apparel has taken a new step. Glove maker Swany has matched up with Texsys to bring you G-CELL. This is the bluetooth cellular glove of the future.

This glove has a microphone/speaker, call and end buttons, vibrate, and flashing call indicator.

This ski glove features:

  •   Bluetooth 2.0 complaint
  •   Voice Dialing compliant
  •   Vibration and Visual Alarm
  •   Standby around 240 hours
  •   48 hours talk-time
  •   Rechargeable Lithium Ion Polymer Battery
  •   Waterproof electronic system

Cost and availability is unknown so far. Stay tuned.