Survey: Consumers Prefer Watches to Glasses



Google Glass has been getting a lot of attention, but at it turns out the majority of consumers do not want to have their wearable tech on their face. According to research done by Forrester only about 12 percent of consumers would be willing to buy a face based device.

Some of that is because consumers do not want a device that could display ads directly onto their field of vision. After all a distraction at a critical moment, say when driving, could be an issue. Since most of us have learned to avoid ads having then front and center would be an annoyance at best.

What are people interested in, in significantly higher numbers, about 28 percent, is wearing a device that sits on their wrist. This makes sense, since wrist based devices are less likely to create distractions. When you don’t want to see it, you just stop looking at your wrist.

The survey was done with 4,600 adults.

Source: Forrester

Image: Morgue File