Surfanic Snowboarding Jackets with iPod controls


Surfanic Snowboarding Jackets with iPod controls
A rookie to the scene, Surfanic plans to infiltrate the tech-clothing industry. Poised to take down the big boys of the industry, Surfanic aims to offer stylish, functional, and affordable gear.

The Royal iPod jacket is the first jacket they are offering. It features SOFTswitch controls that are built into the sleeve. With the 30 dock connector, it offers the basic navigation options.

The jacket is fully sealed, but yet breathable, waterproof and windproof. It also has a detachable hood, vents, and is fully washable.

At a mere $288, they might have made a big splash in this niche.

A new brand entered the interactive fashion world, Surfanic which offers stylish iPod enabled snowboard jackets.