SunnyCam HD Video Recording Glasses


SunnyCam Front
The integration of glasses and technology seems to be a trend of late. These glasses by SunnyCam are no exception to that. SunnyCam recently debuted a pair of inexpensive glasses that can record video in HD through a camera located at the top of the frame in between the two lenses.

The idea behind these glasses is that they record HD footage of exactly what you see. This can make recording HD video much easier in situations that need it. These situations could range from videoing a football game while you referee to police work, where a video could come in handy. They can even be used for some covert filming applications, although it won’t take long for people to realize that these glasses are not completely normal.

The glasses include a camera built into the frame of the glasses. The controls for the camera can be found on the left hand side of the glasses and include a record button and a power button, and the 720p footage is stored onto a microSD card, for which there is a slot, also located on the left hand side of the glasses.

The SunnyCam HD glasses come with a number of accessories, including interchangeable lenses and a USB cable to connect the glasses to your computer for playback of the recorded videos. They can also come in a range of different colors, and they should make recording in HD a much simpler task, especially for those who could be using their hands for other, more important things.