This Stripped-Down Fitness Tracker Costs Just $30


How do you know a genre of technology is approaching ubiquity? When cheap versions begin showing on store shelves offering limited functionality. Think about it. There was a time when the iPod, and MP3 players in general, was a highly sought after piece of gear. Flash forward a couple of years, and you could pick up a crappy, plastic MP3 player while waiting in line at the grocery store. Well, it looks like the same thing is beginning to happen in certain sectors of wearable tech. Introducing the Movo Wave, a stripped-down fitness tracker that certainly won’t break the bank.

What does the Wave bring to the able? Basic fitness tracking, which was pretty novel just a couple of years ago don’t forget. It tracks distance traveled, calories burned and, well, that’s pretty much it. The form factor is pretty cool, however, featuring a nice solid black with your choice of colored stripe. Did we mention it’s only thirty bucks? Hey, its only thirty bucks so it’s not going to track your sleep or anything like that. It is water resistant though. That’s always good if you tend to sweat like a hot dog in the rain (wait what?)

The fitness tracker is out right now, meaning you can order it online for the low, low price of thirty smackaroos. As usual, you interact with the information via an affiliated app, which is available for both Android and iOS platforms. Let’s hear it for diversity of choice, unless of course you own a Windows phone in which case you are screwed.