Stressed and Depressed Hoodie Speaker System


Stressed and Depressed brings us a stereo integrated hoodie solution. Since the hooded sweat shirt is one of the most versatile things in the closet. How wonderful to have stereo sound too.
Stressed and Depressed Hoodie with Audio
This Hoodie is using NXT’s SurfaceSound technology designed into a Stereo Speaker Insert module which can be easily clipped directly into the hood of any Stressed and Depressed hooded garment. Powered by 3 AAA batteries, the 2mm EVA foam speakers by NXT SurfaceSound. Audio hookup comes via the 3.5mm jack.
Stressed and Depressed Hoodie with Audio system
Best of all its clips out and fits into any Stressed and Distressed hoodies. For $107.50 you can get your own 100% cotton audio hoodie.