StickNFind Bluetooth stickers help you find your keys, remote or anything else you lose


There are some things in this life we are fated to lose over and over again until we scream out “give me my keys, dammit” in a primal rage. In addition to keys, remote controls often get lost as do wallets, phones and even cats. A new device can help you find all of but one of these. Which one can it not help find? If you guessed cat phone you get a, well, sticker. That’s because these stickers work in tandem with your smartphones. Feel free to stick up your furry felines, though. They might not like it.

Introducing the SSI America’s StickNFind, the Bluetooth-enabled sticker that helps you find all of the things you  constantly lose. All you have to do is stick one to something you lose often, then access a related app in your smartphone and you’ll soon be reunited and it will feel so good.  It works using a low energy Bluetooth technology, so the battery lasts for a year or more(as long as you don’t lose stuff like ten times a day.) The app is available for both Android and iOS so no matter what kind of phone or tablet you have, you’ll more than likely be able to use the stickers.

Of course, as indicated above, your phone itself is still privy to the ravages of losing stuff. Unless you put a sticker on the phone and then used another phone or something. That sounds like it could very well cause a space/time paradox, however. Be careful when accessing low energy Bluetooth technology!