STEM Packs Clip to Your Body For On the Fly VR Applications


Virtual reality. Just the very words themselves conjure up visions of floating down cyberspace on a cool neon-colored ship or hopping along in a completely reality world like in those movies with Keanu Reeves. Sure, we aren’t even close to that sort of mastery of our virtual domain yet but with each passing moment we get closer and closer. Companies have begun to take notice of the possibilities of VR and have begun cranking out devices designed to let us take advantage of them. Maybe it started with the positive press both Oculus Rift and Google Glass got. Maybe it’s just in our nature as humans. Whatever it is, VR is here to stay and here is even more proof.

Introducing STEM Systems and their Stem Pack. Yeah it sounds like some kind of medical device that would act as a deus ex machina in a medical drama but it’s actually not that at all. It’s a series of VR-enablers that act in tandem with Oculus Rift(and other similar devices) to give the user full body control over their avatars. The days of having to use a keyboard, mouse or controller to move our little dudes around are almost at an end. Now we can move our little dudes around ourselves. Basically they are position and orientation trackers that you clip on your body to ensure smooth translation to the digital realm. Pretty cool right?

Of course, something this cool isn’t out on store shelves yet. Heck, the Rift isn’t even on store shelves yet. You’ll have to direct your web browser to their Kickstarter site and commit to $150 to be the first kid on your block that is moving autonomously around a digital representation of your block.