Sprout biodegradable watches help to reduce that carbon footprint


The main problem with watches? They inflate your carbon footprint to gargantuan dimensions! Ok, not really as bad as, say, anything else, but still. All of that mercury and plastic can’t be good. A company named Sprout is trying to nip that problem in the “bud” by offering a line of green watches.

In all seriousness, though, watches do contribute to the planet’s ills in tiny ways. These Sprout watches eliminate that by making the cases, bands, faces, and bezels out of biodegradable materials. These materials include include bamboo, cotton, resin, and mineral crystals. Not bad, right? Also, they come with mercury-free batteries.

You can order these guys online and do your part to save our precious, precious planet. At least, that is, until the meteors hit.