Spree’s New Fitness Tracker is Like a Smart Sweatband


We all want to be healthy and fit but, let’s face it, not all of us have the motivation to get off of our couches long enough to do a few squats or whatever. Netflix and pizza are just too inviting of mistresses. Video games are a lot more fun than jogging around your neighborhood like a buffoon. Just kidding. Buffoons don’t jog. In any event, the need for fitness tracking devices has been blossoming in recent years because people need all the help they can get in order to get them off of that that forsaken hovel they call a bed(Maybe that’s just me.)

Introducing Spree and their new fitness tracking device. Whereas most of these gadgets come in the form of watches and armbands, Spree’s device is a bona fide sweatband. Finally, some other use for these bands other than, uh, collecting sweat. The bells and whistles are all in order here. It tracks the distance you’ve run or biked, how many calories you’ve burned and all of that stuff. It also keeps track of your heart rate and body temperature? Also, in case you didn’t read the beginning of this paragraph, it doubles as an actual sweatband.

Also, unlike some of the gadgets we write about here at Crunchwear, Spree’s towel-like device is already available. You can order one for yourself if you plunk down $300. Sure, that’s a lot for a sweatband but it’s a smart sweatband.