spnKIX Brings Wearable Mobility With Battery Powered and Motorized Skates


Remember back when the Segway was being teased as something revolutionary that was going to change the world as we knew it? Then it came out and, well, it’s cool sure, but ultimately it makes better fodder for shows like Arrested Development then for something we actually use in our day to day life. You know what the problem was with the Segway? The tech was sound, but it wasn’t wearable. All brilliant new technologies must be wearable! There is something new on the horizon, however, that is just as cool but also has the added benefit of being entirely wearable. Introducing spnKIX.

The ridiculously named spnKIX makes up for in tech what it lacks in vowels. It’s essentially a pair of rollerskates that attach to your shoes. Did we mention that these skates are also battery powered and controlled via a remote control that you hold as you skate down the highway like a madman? Just like the Segway, you will move of your own accord, with the simple and elegant slide of the remote. Finally, all of the work has been taken out of rollerskating. If only these existed back when I was in sixth grade. I probably would have been a lot more popular. If I could afford a pair that is.

These motorized cuties are fresh off of a successful Kickstarter, where they blew past their asking goal and ended up raising a cool $120,000. The best part? You can get a pair right now, like seriously. The not so best part? They cost $700, like seriously. Hey, wearable mobility is expensive.