Here is Split – An Entire iPod in a Pair of Earbuds


Technology and music go together like peanut butter and jelly or, uh, peanut butter and milk. First there were record players.  Then there were tape and compact disc players. This eventually transformed into more modern accoutrements like iPods and, now, fancy iPhones, Bluetooth speakers and everything else under the sun. It’s still amazing when you think about it, being able to squeeze every song you’ve ever heard into something that fits in your pocket. Are you still impress by that? Don’t be. Now you can squeeze every song you’ve ever heard into something that fits in your ear. 

Greenwing Audio have been at the music game for a long time, but this is their first item that could be ostensibly considered wearable. They are calling it split, and it’s pretty much a full featured iPod that fits into a pair of earbuds, which in turn fit in your ear. The buds are magnetic, assuring they always stick together when not in use. Speaking of using them, they automatically power on when they are separated. All you have to do is pop them in your ear. The buds also include a built-in accelerometer that can keep track of subtle jaw motions. Why is this useful? Well you can adjust the volume or skip songs just by lightly biting down. It’s gosh darned amazing if you ask us.

The Split lasts for around four hours on one charge, and can be charged via USB cable. That’s not a lot of play time per charge but considering how small the thing is, we aren’t too bothered by it. You can reserve yourself a pair of these nifty creations by plunking down $155 on their Kickstarter page. Music forever!