Spectacam is a clip-on camera that records both front and back


Listen. We all gotta exercise more. Our fat cells are so out of shape that they are growing fat cells. But, it’s winter. How are we to make exercise fun, interesting and bearable? Exercise is soooo boring. If only there was some kind of technology that made bicycling, and other forms of cardiovascular intensity, not only bearable but downright awesome. Well, there is certainly nothing like that in existence so you might as well stop reading now.

Ok. To those of who you kept reading, congratulations! That last sentence was just a fake-out. There so is a technology on the horizon that is going to make exercise the most fun thing since watching bread getting sliced on Netflix Instant. Introducing the Specatacam, a camera that clips on to your helmet and records both frontward and backward. Finally, you can get a bird’s eye view of what is ahead and what is behind.

Here is how it works. The Spectacam cycling cam seeks to features two 1080p cameras mounted 180 degrees from each other. The small device is streamlined and mounts to the top of a helmet with velcro, then connects to a smartphone through WiFi. An included handlebar mount allows you to secure your phone in front of you and control what’s happening at the touch of a button. It streams to your phone but also saves to an SD card for future perusal. Now you can show off your jumps and wherever it is you go while biking. It could also be useful in case of an accident. Two viewing angles means two potential avenues to figure just what it is that happened.

The Spectacam isn’t out yet. It’s actually not even funded yet. Guess where you can go to get your hands on one? If you guessed Kickstarter you get a cookie. For $199 you can have one of these cameras to call your own sometime early next year.