Speaker-Equipped Backpack Will Make You the Belle of the Neighborhood Ball

Boombox Backpack

Boombox Backpack

According to movies, books and my hazy baby memories, the 1980s sure were cool. There was rampant greed in the office and rampant tune-age on the streets. Just the very image of somebody holding a boombox, blasting their favorite tunes for all to hear, is enough to make me want to hop in a time machine that may or may not be placed in a hot tub. We still have greed in the office, but it seems the boombox has moved on to greener pastures. Maybe it caused back problems or something. In any event, there is a hot new piece of wearable tech that is like the humble boombox only, well, tech-ier.

Solid Gray’s new backpack line have hefty speakers running throughout so you can blast your music for all to hear. The best part? You don’t have to physically hold anything. It’s a backpack so your spine does all of the heavy lifting. The design is also fantastic. These backpacks aren’t of the frumpy variety. They are hip and geometric, looking like something from TRON more than a middle school classroom. It must be noted that these backpacks don’t come with one speaker, rather they feature an array for maximum amplitude. You can rest assured you will be bringing the party with one of these bad boys strapped to your pack.

Alas, there will be no party, however. This is just a working prototype for now. The company hasn’t said one way or the other if they are going to mass produce these and put them on store shelves. You can, though, buy one of their regular backpacks and put some speakers in yourself. It’s a free country.