Sources Indicate Microsoft to Launch Smartwatch Within Weeks


microsoft watch
Every big tech company out there has either announced or formally released their own take on the humble smartwatch. One glaring omission from this canon, however, is Bill Gates and his venerable Microsoft corporation. They’ve released video game devices, motion tracking units and more tablets than you can shake a motion controlled stick at. When are they going to come out with their very own smartwatch? The rumors have been swirling for months, even years, that they would equip their own watch with the Windows mobile operating system. Well, guess what? If these reports are to be believed, the big M’s take on the timepiece is just a few weeks away.

According to anonymous sources at Forbes magazine, Microsoft will be launching their own smartwatch in a few weeks away. Eagle-eyed tech enthusiasts will remember, however, that the company already released a smartphone of sorts called Spot that launched many years ago, in 2003. The market simply wasn’t ready and, yeah, it sunk quicker than a platinum ingot. Now they are coming back with a watch that will, as stated above, run their mobile platform. Details are scant but we do know that it will be able to passively track your heart rate, that should keep the battery life down.

As far as actual release date or price, well we’ll just have to wait a few more weeks to find out. But soon, very soon, we’ll all be basking in the glory that is a Windows-operated watch. Let’s hope they keep that anthropomorphic paperclip as far away as possible.