Soundbrace – An Air Guitar That Works



Everyone has at one time rocked out with an air guitar solo, whether in your room by yourself, or during a concert. Well it looks like the days of looking ridiculous while you air guitar are over – or at least they will be once this invention gets made. Introducing the Soundbrace, by designer Eugene Wang.

The Soundbrace is essentially a wearable device that reads the wearers muscle movements and uses that data to decide what the wearer is playing on the guitar. The devices also communicate with each other to see how far away they are from each other, which helps them known how far along the guitar neck the air guitarist is.

Of course in order to understand the data, the wearer first needs to play guitar for real while wearing the armbands. Only after this will the device be able to read the wearers muscle movements and calculate what the wearer is playing. It is also important to note that if the wearer sound terrible while playing a real guitar, they are going to sound terrible playing this air guitar as well.

The device uses the same kind of technology as Leap Motion, which also uses muscle movements to control certain parameters.

The SoundBrace also has a headphone jack output so that the listener can hear what they are playing, or even plug the device in to a bigger sound system. The device also has a microUSB output, which would be used for charging, but it could also be used for things like recording or downloading different sound packages such as an electric or acoustic guitar.

Currently the device is only a concept design, but it is not unimaginable for this to be something we will see for real in the near future. In fact, the technology is all there, all the device really needs is someone to make it for real.

soundbrace3 soundbrace2