Sotera Wireless preps the doctor-loving ViSi Mobile wearable touchscreen


It stinks when we have a medical issue only to have it magically disappear by the time we end up at the doctor’s office. The doc thinks we are a hypochondriac, nuts or both. In short order, they won’t listen to anything we say. Every ailment we suffer from will be met with a raised eyebrow and a curt “just go get some rest and stop wasting my time.” How in tarnation can we prove to the cynical MDs out there that we really have something more than just eating a larger than usual serving of baked beans the night before? Why, with wearable technology of course.

Sotera Wireless has been busy putting the finishing touches on their ViSi Mobile wearable touchscreen device. What does it do? The ViSi Mobile Monitor is a small health monitor with a colorful touchscreen display that can be strapped to a patient’s arm to monitor their vitals in real-time. If anything is going on, the doc will know. The moment of truth will certainly arrive and you will either be proven to be a mad hypochondriac or a long-time sufferer of a serious illness. Which is worse? Well, the latter obviously but the former aint no cake walk either.

It keeps an eye on blood pressure, heart and pulse rate, respiration rate, and skin temperature. The whole thing gets pumped to your doctor via the magic of the Internet in real-time. They can even view the information in a series of colorful and interactive charts. The wearable monitor is also waterproof, just in case you fall in to a hot tub as you are screaming “Elizabeth! It’s the big one!”

The company recently received clearance from the Food and Drug Administration to sell the device to hospitals, so before too long maybe we’ll all have one of these bad boys strapped to our arms. Let’s here it for health!