Sony’s SmartWatch Goes Open – Allows Devs to Tinker With Firmware


The smart watch craze is only beginning. In the coming months and years, if the wearable technology Gods permit it, you’ll start seeing these uber-devices on just about every wrist you come in contact with. This will be many, many wrists if you are a politician or someone else who shakes hands for a living. One of the most innovative companies in the smart watch sphere has been Sony and their near-spherical SmartWatch. We’ve already given some coverage to this simple and snazzy device but now it’s about to get even cooler. Sony has opened it up its firmware to let developers do, well, pretty much anything they want.

As a quick recap, Sony’s SmartWatch is an interesting example of a touchscreen-enabled do-it-all watchy gizmo. The company had already offered an add-on SDK that developers could tinker with to their hearts content but now they’ve gone one step further and made the firmware itself open source. This means you’ll start seeing all kinds of cool applications pop up on the device. The sky is the limit now. Well, that sky is limited by your wrist but you get the gist of what we are trying to say here. Cool apps are forthcoming! The watch already plays host to a variety of useful applications but nothing too unusual. Hopefully that will change shortly.

Sony isn’t just resting on its laurels, either. Sony is teaming up with Arduino to host a hackathon wherein developers will meet one another and get to work on creating crazy apps that will blow your eyeballs right out of your sockets. We’ll let you know what they come up with! You can get your hands on one of these watches for around $150.