Sony’s New Walkman Is Absolutely Waterproof


Remember the glory days of Sony’s Walkman? It wasn’t so long ago that these portable tape players were the highest of the high tech in wearable technology. After all, these devices let you listen to music anywhere you wanted! What a novel concept. Of course, that once novel concept is now about as commonplace as a slice of bread. In this day and age, in the era of smartphones, smartwatches, tablets and everything else under the sun, how can Sony’s once righteous Walkman once again claim a slice of the wearable tech pie? Well, perhaps by going underwater, way underwater.

That’s right. Sony has announced an update to their age old Walkman line, and this one is especially designed to function under water. Finally, you can listen to music wherever you want, even if that includes the lost city of Atlantis! Sony is so proud of their waterproof technology, that the device actually comes packed in a bottle of water. That’s right. It come packed in water. The company has set up vending machines to sell these musical/watery gadgets to gym rats and other people who tend to use walkmen. As far as what it does? It plays music. That’s about it. What did you expect?

So far, this drenched tunesmith is only available in New Zealand. We’ll let you know when you can nab one across the pond, in or in the pond or whatever. Here is a video of one of their vending machines in action.