Sony’s HMZ-T2 Personal 3D viewer gets lighter and snazzier looking


sony personal 3D viewer 1
The third dimension is better than the second dimension in every conceivable way. It’s closer, realer and crammed fuller with precious scenes from Avatar. 3D televisions have been slowly crawling toward ubiquity but what of the humble personal 3D viewer? Has this technology been advancing along with the television? Funny you should ask.

When we last reported on Sony’s wondrous personal 3D viewscreen it had just received its initial release. The technology worked as advertised, giving the wearer the feeling of having their eyeballs strapped to two giant-screen HDTVs. The only problem? It was a bit bulky. The thing was ornier than a hungry scorpion. Luckily, the company has gone back to the drawing board and returned with a redesign that addresses that issue.

It still displays a virtual 150-inch image into your retina, but now the whole kit and caboodle clocks in with twenty percent less heft. To cut down on the weight, Sony’s dumped the ear cups and replaced them with earbuds that should still provide a virtual 5.1 surround sound experience. You can also use your own headphones if you aren’t happy with the tune-age that Sony has provided. They’ve also thrown in “detachable light shields” that can be used to block outside light from shining in. Now you’ll never have to deal with that ridiculous outside world!

The company has yet to offer specifics by way of release date and price. Let us remind you, then, that the first edition of this nifty gadget clocked in at a massive, massive $800. That’s realer and up close than any old member of the Na’vi.