Sony’s Forthcoming VR Headset Will Compete With Oculus Rift


There once was a time when the very idea of virtual reality seemed so outlandish, so fantastical, that it just had to be something out of science fiction. Of course, for many years that was the case. Now, thanks to the worldwide wave of wearable technology, VR-enabled devices are becoming a thing of the present. Oculus and Google blew the doors off of sucker when they introduces their Rift and Glass devices respectively. What could be next for virtual reality? Will a real life Geordi LaForge take our hand and lead us to a better tomorrow? Uh, don’t get carried away there champ. We still have a ways to go.

However, tech bigwig Sony is now in on the VR game. Rumors indicate they are getting ready to announce their very own virtual reality headset, which will compete with Oculus Rift for that precious eyeball space. As you know, Oculus Rift is finding most of its use in gaming. Sony is already one of the gaming bigwigs with their PlayStation line, so that seems like a match made in virtual heaven. The company has already figured this and begun testing the device with several key upcoming PS4 titles.

According to these same rumors, Sony will be formally unveiling the unit at next month’s Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. We’ll keep you updated as this would be a boon to VR junkies who don’t have access to a PC-based gaming rig and would rather do their gaming on a home console .