Sony’s DR-GA500 Ultimate Weapon gaming headset is macho and user-friendly


Sure, there a lot of cool headphones in the world. But do any portend to be the Ultimate Weapon? We think not, which is why Sony’s new gaming headset is just so, well, ultimate. This weaponized headphone set will turn your private gaming session into a macho nightmarescape straight from the bowels of hell. We mean this, of course, in the best way possible.

The DR-GA500 comes with a separate box to process your computer’s audio into a 7.1-channel surround sound environment, and also has a microphone attached for those Call of Duty shouting matches. They come equipped with a patented “triple enfolding” padding design that keeps virtual gunshots in, and exterior noise out.

The price has yet to be announced but Sony will be bundling these superior gaming headphones with Medal of Honor, which releases in October.