Sony’s Core is a Unique Wearable That Tracks Your Entire Life


Life is a many varied experience, in full bloom to some and in dry weeds to others. In other words, we all lead very different existences. Luckily, however, there is now some wearable technology that keeps good track of our comings and goings so we can all see if the grass is indeed greener on the other side(hint, it’s not.) To that end, there is an entire industry built up around vitality tracking, which not only keep an eye on your exercise level but also your sleep and other odds and ends. Sony is taking that concept one step further, however, with the introduction of their unique and somewhat mysterious Core wearable device.

You may know Sony by such industrious items as the television and video game console, but they’ve also long been a player in the wearable technology scene. Their recently announced Core device is, in effect, a sensor that pairs with a camera that keeps track of the hot moments of your life. It also does much, much more. The sensor is both waterproof and tiny, and can slip into a variety of other devices to keep track of other stuff. Slip it into your fitness band to give your exercise tracking another dimension. The camera application also takes photos without any input by the user, you just set it to take photos at a certain time of day or when certain conditions are met. All of this info is pumped into their forthcoming Lifelog app, so all of your friends can see every minute detail of your exciting life.

This is only a working prototype for now, so don’t expect it to show up on store shelves anytime soon. However, Sony seems to be making it a linchpin of their wearable technology line so it shouldn’t be too long.