Sony Unveils Wearable Core Device Which Tracks Everything You Do


Sony has certainly dipping their toes into the wearable technology waters, but they have yet to do a full on belly flop. The company has taken on 3D glasses for home use, their very own smart watch and ,yes, even something they are referring to as a smart wig. You may be noticing a trend here. Each of these gadgets are kind of, well, cumbersome. There is nothing so small that you can’t believe it even exists. After all, being innocuous is one of the hallmarks of wearable tech(Google Glass withstanding.)

The big “S” just dropped a very small bomb at this year’s CES conference. They are calling it the Core and its a a life tracking gadget that is super small. How small? It looks to be the size of around a nickel or so. The whole thing can fit inside of an armband, or it can be worn in a few other ways. This tracker, however, isn’t necessarily all about tracking how much you jog or walk up stairs or whatever. The Core is all about tracking other stuff you do. It keeps tabs on pictures you take, where you have been going and other random life moments. Of course, because it is 2014, it also tracks the fitness stuff too if you are so inclined.

The company is being fairly mum on any more details regarding the device and its peripherals. We’ll let you know more info when it comes floating through the ether to us on a flaming pie.