Sony Unveils a Smartwatch That is Completely Waterproof


Sony is one of the biggest tech companies in the world. They have their hands in HD televisions, computers, stereo systems and, uh, just about anything else you can think of. Also, in case you need a refresher, they make a little gadget known as the PlayStation (PS4 is current market leader.) So, of course, they’ve been dipping their cute little toesies into the wearable tech sector. As such, they’ve released a couple of well reviewed smartwatches known simply as Smartwatch and Smartwatch 2. Guess what? They’ve just unveiled a third smartwatch. Guess what it’s called? You guessed it. Mr. Intelligent Watchie-Poo Smartwatch 3.

The coolest part of Smartwatch 3, upon first blush, is that it is completely waterproof. Note, we said waterproof, and not water resistant. Many smartwatches are water resistant, which is fancy speak for ‘can get rained on once in a while.” The Smartwatch 3, however, can survive multiple drownings with nary a complaint. That’s great in this topsy-turvy world, in which you never know when a rapscallion will push you into a pool. It also has some neat GPS functionality, which should help if you ever find yourself lost in the big, bad city. Finally, it works using the Android Wear framework, so that means plenty of apps right out of the gate.

The design, while not exactly stellar, is at least minimalist enough to make it acceptable to be seen in public. You can order your own now for the also acceptable price of $250, which is a full $100 lower than Apple’s Watch (just in case you were wondering.)