Sony Teases Big Smart Watch Announcement


Longtime readers of this blog know that there is a war coming. This is not a war between nations, classes or even mythical beasts. It’s actually not even a war at all. It’s simply the fact that big time electronics manufacturers are each prepping their own smart watch. These can-do-anything timepieces are going to be part and parcel of the wrist of the near future. We mean very near future. Like later this year or early next year near future. Sony has already graced the world with an intelligent and wearable clock(we are running out of new ways to say smart watch.) Now comes word they are dropping something new.

The company, who you may know from their creation of just about everything, has been issuing some cryptic tweets regarding the potential of a forthcoming Sony Xperia smart watch. It might seem odd to use a company’s tweets as a source of relative merit but these are multi-billion dollar companies. Everything they do they do for a reason. Unless, of course, they just have an angry intern manning the Twitter desk in which case never mind this report.

The tweets seem to indicate that the company will be showing off something new and wearable at next week’s Mobile Asia Expo. Maybe it’s a t-shirt that also doubles as a PlayStation 4! No. On second thought. It’s probably a watch. Not that there’s anything wrong with that of course.