Sony SmartWatch adds open source SDK update, games and music apps forthcoming


Sony sure has its hand in a lot of cookie jars. There’s the consumer electronics division which consists of TVs, Walkmen and everything else they used to be known for. There’s the computing division, Vaio and the like. There’s the gigantic PS3 brand and the not-so gigantic Vita brand. In short, the company likes to be a big part of whatever is going on in the tech-world. Now they are have hopped on the burgeoning smartwatch train as well. The cleverly named Sony SmartWatch is a functional and downright cool device that packs a punch at a fairly reasonable price.

If you haven’t been following Sony’s new wearable baby, the Sony SmartWatch is your average touchscreen-enabled watch that offers the kinds of smartphone integration that has become standard in the industry. This lets you read emails, texts and social network updates on the OLED-enabled device. There are also a ton of apps available for the watch, about 100 as of last count. You can check the weather, login to Facebook, Google Maps and do just about anything you do on your phone. Well, you probably can’t play Grand Theft Auto III(yet.)

Speaking of apps, Sony has just released a new SDK that is completely open source. This will allow developers full access to the creative suite of app-making tools without having to deal with the company directly. This SDK directly affects music and gaming applications, so if you are looking to make an app that finds clean toilets in your immediate vicinity you are, sigh, crap out of luck for now. If you have a great idea for an app, click here to access the code.

The Sony SmartWatch is still $150 and the company says a front-facing camera and Skype will appear in future iterations of the device. The future is awesome!