Sony Rumored to be Making Virtual Reality Headset


It’s no secret that virtual reality could someday soon be known as, uh, regular reality. Wearable tech devices are coming down the pike at a rapid clip that seek to erase the line between real and virtual. How many years before we get our own holodeck like in Star Trek? 10? 20 at the most? It all started with Google Glass and Oculus Rift and now it is going mainstream. Word on the cyber-streets is that Sony are dipping their toes into the VR headset arena.

If you follow gaming news at all, you no doubt know that Sony is prepping a new PlayStation console which is set to drop in November. The PlayStation 4 will be about as powerful as current PC systems, which has had people wondering about the eventual use of Oculus Rift with the console. Sony is doing those questioners one better, as rumors indicate that the company itself has been designing their very own similar piece of headware. It’s no secret that Sony has long been experimenting with VR tech so this should come as no surprise to some of you. Reports also indicate they are much further along with this tech than you would surmise, as they just might unveil it as a PS4 peripheral at the Tokyo Game Show in a few weeks.

Of course, take these rumors with a grain of virtual salt, but a wearable technology website can dream though, can’t it? We’ll let you know more as soon as we know more. In the meantime, let’s just play our PlayStation 3 systems and pretend we are doing so virtually.