Sony Readies Wearable HD Camera Harness For, um, Dogs


When we talk about man’s best friend we are most certainly not talking about pizza(although that is close.) No, we are talking about dogs, pooches, mutts or whatever other endearing nickname you can give them. Dogs have been around man for centuries, helping us farm and round up sheep and licking our faces when they want to be taken outside for a walk. The one looming question about canines, however, is what they are up to when they aren’t hanging out with us. This is one question that has, unit now, remained unanswerable. Sony’s new gadget, however, will give us a dog’s eye view on the poop-sniffing action.

Sony’s AKA-DM1 is a harness that you strap to your dog. The harness can be equipped with any number of video cameras that will remain firmly in place as your dog goes about its day. You will know with excruciating detail what your dog does when he goes for those “walks” he always seems to be going on. Maybe he’s robbing banks. Maybe he stands on his hind legs and leads a coffee-shop discussion on Sigmund Freud. Maybe he just sniffs a lot of things and occasionally eats leaves. Whichever one happens to be true(probably the third) you’ll know with absolute certainty.

Of course, this $50 harness has practical applications as well. It will be a boon to the visually impaired who use guide dogs. Imagine if this person was mugged or something. The camera would contain all of the pertinent information. Of course, the mugger could just steal the camera but here’s hoping the dog growls loud enough when they try that the mugger just gives up.