Sony gets in the glasses race, files patent for data-sharing specs


A short time ago in this actual galaxy the idea that a company would be developing glasses that double as a computer was the stuff of bad space opera. It was up there with nanobots that cure disease or the ever-loving Holodeck. While we may not be much closer to nanobots, we are absolutely inching closer to a world that offers us glasses that do more than just make librarian ladies sexy. Google opened the floodgates with the announcement of their Project Glass technology and the rest of the world is, just like intelligent looking lemmings, following suit.

Next on the docket? Sony. Never content with the world of video games, televisions and blocky compact disc players, the company is moving into smartglasses. A patent was unearthed this week that shows that the Japanese company is prepping a very interesting pair of glasses that allows users to share data on the fly. The patent indicates that all you’d have to do to share a secret with someone is to give them an oblong glance(seriously) while you both are wearing the glasses. It’s like passing a note in class only thousands of times more expensive! Cool! Of course, these glasses also ring most of Google’s other bells and whistles. They’ll be able to analyze real world information, connect to a smartphone or smartwatch, send texts and more.

This info must be taken with a slight grain of salt, however. These big companies always make patents for any wild idea they fancy. If you throw a bunch of things at the wall, some are likely to stick. Still, if Project Glass ends up being a huge success, expect Sony to have their ducks in a row to release their version shortly thereafter. See you on the battlefield, of capitalism!