Sony Gets in the Glass Game With Their SmartEyeglass


Before Google unveiled their Glass eyewear device to the world a couple of years ago, nobody really thought of AR-based glasses as a viable product for consumer use. Sure, they have long been a mainstay in science fiction television, books and movies, but they were not even an idea in the back of a electronics company’s mind until Google. Now, however, they are everywhere. At least, they will be everywhere. Most bigwig companies have announced their own rival units which will ship at some point in the foreseeable future. Here is Sony’s valiant attempt to capture that sweet, sweet Google Glass money.

Their ridiculously named SmartEyeglass has all kinds of bells and whistles, although they aren’t exactly easy on the eyes. As a matter of fact, they make Google Glass look like an aesthetic work of art in comparison. In other words, they are dorky. What can these dorky looking things do? Well, they superimpose images and video over the real world, sort of like their Google counterpart. There’s also a 3 megapixel camera, a gyroscope, compass, brightness sensor and a microphone. So they can do pretty much everything Glass can do in its current incarnation.

Of course, this is only a prototype design for now. So, in case you were wondering, they may not actually look they belong on the face of a bullying ski instructor from 1986 by the time they launch. Here is to hoping. Sony says this prototype hardware should go on sale in a beta form sometime in early 2015.