Sony e-ink Watch is Pretty Darned Snazzy Looking


Ah, the myth and majesty of the e-ink watch. When Pebble first tore up Kickstarter something fierce a couple of years ago, tech-heads knew that a sea change was coming. Soon. the watches of yesteryear would be a sad, unconnected relic. A chorus cried out, ‘if it doesn’t connect to my smartphone, I want nothing to do with it.” Now, of course, there are smartwatches everywhere. There are even e-ink smartwatches, like the Pebble, everywhere. However, most of these timepieces feature e-ink only on the watchface itself, leaving the strap sadly devoid of technology. Sony is all over that. They have secretly been prepping a smartwatch that is covered in e-ink from top to bottom.

The company, perhaps better known nowadays for making video game consoles, has teamed up with Fashion Entertainments to create a completely e-paper watch. The funny thing is, we’ve known about this watch for quote some time but Sony hid their involvement because they didn’t want the Sony name to trump up consumer expectations. Another funny thing, this technology is also planned to be used as actual clothing, ties and the like. Soon you’ll be able to own a tie that you’ll be able to change at will. Now you’ll have no excuse to look like a doofus at weddings and stuff, using the excuse “hey, I only have one tie.”

These watches will launch next way. You can pre-order one now on a crowdfunding page, although that seems a bit suspicious now that we know that one of the biggest multinational corporations in the world is on board. In any event, it has already blasted thru its goal.