Sony Creates Module That Turns Any Glasses into Smartglasses


Smartglasses haven’t exactly caught on yet, not in the same way that fitness trackers or smartwatches have. There are a number of reasons for this. Price is one, certainly, with Explorer models of Google Glass still selling for an astounding $1,500. However, another reason these futuristic doodads have yet to set the world on fire has to be, well, aesthetics. Google Glass looks kind of stupid. Why can’t companies just adopt similar technology to the frames the barely sighted among us are already wearing? Be careful what you wish for.

Sony just announced the dispassionately named Sony Display Module, an add-on that purports to turn any old pair of glasses into, drum roll please, smartglasses. The module is comprised of a control board, featuring Bluetooth and WiFi sensors, a processor and other components. It also brings along a 640×400 OLED micro-display that serves as the screen. The real benefit with the SDM is the fact that it can be attached to nearly any pair of glasses, even goggles and sunglasses. It can also be removed with ease if you don’t want your fancy new module stolen or whatever.

The company hasn’t released a price for this snazzy piece of tech, but they did say it would be released sometime in 2015. Hey, that’s the same year as the new Star Wars! In the meantime, Google is expected to roll out a cheaper, newer model of Glass in the near future as well.